Turkish Steam

Turkish Steam


Een boek met foto’s van stoomtreinen in Turkije

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Auteur: Allan C Baker

Taal: Engels

Locomotives International

Turkey, a country on the frontier between East and West, had much to offer the steam enthusiast in the 1970s. Hard at work amongst the spectacular mountain scenery were locomotives of designs now obsolete everywhere but behind the Iron Curtain, along with standard wartime designs from the USA, and some British engines which only existed on preserved lines in their homeland. Add to this the accessibility of the country, both in terms of availability of direct flights from the UK, and the lack of restrictions on photography present in much of Eastern Europe, and it is easy to understand why the country became such a mecca for steam enthusiasts. Photographer Allen C Baker made several visits to the country during this period, and the evocative results of his craft are presented here.


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